Friday, July 20, 2007

Cat Blog Friday

For this Cat Blog Friday...

...a three-week old black panther whose adoptive mother is a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Baby Panther Adopted By Dog.

With all the news about Michael Vick's cruelty to dogs, here's a dog behaving in a more humane way towards a different species than a human.

Happy Friday, everybody!


Anonymous said...

Look at the claws on that little sucker.

8675309 said...

Seriously. And it looks really mad.

birdwoman said...

now, there's a black panther I can get behind...


cube said...

jenny: little Adam is just a baby, he's probably more scared than anything else. I wouldn't want to deal with him when he's much older.

bw: heh heh. You're such a card ;-)

Kathy said...

Oh Cube, I think he's a beauty.

I 've always dreamt of owning a Black Panther, or a Leopard..

You certainly wouldn't need a security system with one of those guys around eh?
And you'd want to make certain he was well fed too!

Caz said...

I rather fancy being a jaguar Kath.

Won't take this little fella long to be a big fella though.

He'll be beautiful.

Anonymous said...


I hope the little panther doesn't get taken by North Korean thugs and given to Kim Jong Il. You know how he uses them of course!

I hear Danny Glover and Sean Penn have demanded the kitten be euthanized before he grow up and kill them.

I'm so ronery.


cube said...

kathy: Beautiful & lethal. Keep that raw meat nearby.

caz: Jaguars are beautiful too. I've always fancied driving one ;-)

QQ: lol! Yes I do know what the evil N. Koreans do with panthers.
That's why I'm rooting for Team America. F*** yeah!

Brooke said...

Holy crap, that thing looks evil in that picture!

cube said...

brooke: I think it's a cutie now, four months from now, not so much ;-)

Brooke said...

Funny story:

The Zoo has a smallish jungle cat on display that is all black and about the size of a large housecat.

I forget what species it was, but the kids saw it and went nuts because he looked "just like our Jack!"

So now we have a "zoo pet." lol!

cube said...

brooke: I guess our Felix qualifies too.

Maze said...

He's sooo cute!!! I want one!