Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wild About Harry

Took my kids and some of their friends to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

I won't post any spoilers, but I will say that I enjoyed this movie much more than the last two and almost as much as the very first one. It is a bit darker than previous movies, but I would highly recommend it.


cube said...

I heard that the new book has been leaked on the Internet via bit torrents. How desperate do you have to be to read it that way?

nanc said...

not a potter fan here - the children have also banned it from the house - too dark.

i told them a few years ago in order to watch or read potter, they'd have to make a trade with me - they have to watch or read something i choose that shows the pros and cons of the series. they agreed and asked to get rid of hp.

caryl matrisciana (sp) has a wealth of info on the subject if you ever want to check her out.

we do, however, love the series of unfortunate events - i'm stuck on book the eleventh. they're nonsensical and harmless.

cube said...

This is the darkest movie of the series, but I have to say I loved it.

Then again, I've always dabbled in
the dark side ;-)

My kids loved the unfortunate events series too, but hated the way it ended.

I hope it doesn't foretell a bad ending for the Potter series.

birdwoman said...

I have much I'd like to say about darkness of the series... but this post is about the movie.

I loved it, too, cube. I thought they did what they needed to make it a good film. Not too far from the book; changes where it made sense. And the IMAX exp. was fantastic.


Brooke said...

I just can't get into HP. :/

I guess it's just too fad for my tastes.

I do like the SoUE, very funny!

cube said...

I just read that the NY Times published a review of the book before it's even released!

Leaking secrets, big or small, is their only hope at grasping for readership.

They are despicable.

Caz said...

Glad you enjoyed the film Cubicle.

I noticed that lots of critics have panned it, showing, for the millionth time, that the opinion of professional critics is worth diddly-squat.

The Narnia chronicles ended with all of the children being neatly killed off in a train accident. One way to stop speculation about a come back.

cube said...

caz: It's just a matter of taste. I think if you have memorized the book, the movie might disappoint.

I have only read up to book #3, so I didn't have that problem with this movie.

I was just grateful that HP5 didn't have the interminable school dance sequence of HP4. I didn't like coming of age crap when I was coming of age!