Friday, July 06, 2007

Cat Blog Friday

For this Cat Blog Friday...

... a cat wishing a Happy Birthday... to my daughter :-)

Happy Birthday wishes go out to President Bush as well.

Happy Friday, everybody!!


cube said...

This cat is kissing up to the President because it doesn't want to end up like the cat in last Friday's Cat Blog Friday post.


Caz said...

Oh, so there's the kitty!

How the heck did I miss such a cute little thing?

Kathy said...

Cute cup cake kitty, cubie!

birdwoman said...

here's a bird wishing a happy birdday to your daughter, too!


Anonymous said...


THappy birthday to that !aughter of yours?

Is she the one your husband had to deliver when the medical staff fled in panic?

I am sure I would be very fond of her.

By the way, didn't a similar emergency occur with your other child's birth, further requiring your husbands manifold skills?

If so he's a keeper!


Anonymous said...


I meant to say Happy birthday to that Daughter of yours.

Sorry about my pour spelin.


Brooke said...

Happy B-Day to SubUnit One (?) of Cube!

nanc said...

has it been a year already?

pkakakakakakakday to cubedaughter!

>^**^< mew!


cube said...

Sorry my replies are so late, but its been a busy weekend.

caz & kathy: The cutest cats are just a keystroke away with Photoshop. Gotta love it.

birdwoman: Thanks. Just don't get too close to the kitty or you'll have X's over your bird eyes ;-)

QQ: Why are you perpetrating those tall tales about the birth of my children? Are you drinking or merely delusional? ;-)

brooke: Thanks. I just call her Number One in my best Picard voice.

Her full name is One of Two, Tertiary Adjunct of Subjunction Twelve, Unimatrix Zero-One ;-)

nanc: Thanks. Yes, it has been a year. Time flies when you live with a teenager ;-)