Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Botched Trick

Kim Jong-Il's Favorite Magician Seriously Injured Performing "The Spike Illusion In The Face Of Death".

At first, I thought this was something out of Team America, but it really happened.

Japanese magician, Princess Tenko was supposed to escape from a box on the moment it was spiked with 10 fake swords, but instead they trapped her inside, breaking her right cheek and ribs on stage.

Will Kim Jong-Il feed her to his panthers for this failure?


Brooke said...

"He seemed to have thought I was American and he praised me for my success in the US despite being Japanese," Tenko said.

Oh, yeah, because we're all SUCH RACIST HATEMONGERS, right?


Jill said...


cube said...

brooke: They don't call him Kim Jong Mentally-Il for nothing. He lives in a bubble where he can think the most outlandish things and & no one can contradict him.

jill: And ouch!

birdwoman said...

Take that hanz bwix


nanc said...

guess she wasn't as magic as she thought?

poor ilness - bet he's feering a ritter bit ronery?

cube said...

bw: and gnat namon!

nanc: her magic skills came up short.

She's lucky she didn't screw up her next trick in which she gets sawed in half.

Miss Trashahassee said...

What? What??!!!

That stuff is tricks? It ain't real?

I need me a beer.

Miss T

John Kaiser said...

He likes magic? I knew magic was evil...lol.

WomanHonorThyself said...