Saturday, July 21, 2007

President Cheney

Bush To Have Colonoscopy At Camp David

The transfer of power took effect at 7:16 AM and should last approximately 2 1/2 hours.


Anonymous said...

Don't mess with Dick.

Anonymous said...


I just heard a message was sent to Mahkmooooood Akmadinidousche: the missles are flying, hallelujah!

Maybe the neo comms should be careful what they wish for: I think Cheney would erase the mullahs and finish off the hajis once and for all the old fashoined way-by killing them.

"Cheney 08"


The Merry Widow said...

QQ-Take out Mecca and Medina, no more mohammadism! Talk about a freak out, they would totally lose it, implode and get written off as another failed piece of stupidity!


Jamie Dawn said...

Cheney could have done a LOT in that 2 1/2 hour time frame. Maybe he did, and we will hear news of assassinations and targeted bombings on this evening's news.

EVEN presidents have to have their colons checked.
Oh the stories presidential doctors could tell!!

nanc said...

wonder how pelousy felt as she tried to keep her fingers crossed while trying to maintain a straight face?

annnnnnnnnnd, i wonder if they found the president's head while on their search?

perhaps he'll come out with some new insights?

Shover Robot said...

Can't believe how nuts the main stream media went over Cheney having control for just 2 hours.

sheesh was just a precaution you'd think it was then end of the world!

Always On Watch said...

I'm overdue for my first colonoscopy. But I am NOT transferring the power of the bank books to my husband. ;^)

The Phoenix said...

He can't kill you by shooting, but he'll put a bunch of holes in your face.

Brooke said...

Man, I was almost hoping that Dick would sit in the Oval Office and start blaring the "Imperial March" loud enough for the press room to hear!

cube said...

aow: Sometimes it's good not to be the president ;-)

phoenix: Did you know that Cheney was the victim in a hunting accident in the past? Oh yeah.

brooke: Naw, that would be another one of those Al Haig moments our side would never live down.