Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Thats a photo of the U.S. women's bridge team when they won the Venice Cup championship in Shanghai, China last month.

They couldn't just accept the prize, no, they felt the need to inject politics into a thoroughly apolitical event.

The act has angered many and the United States Bridge Federation is deliberating (and handwringing) over what steps, if any, to take next.

I say, "Shame on you, hairbrained harpies. I never voted for Bill Clinton, but you can bet your medals I would never have gone on foreign soil and disrespected the office of the Presidency (even if the occupant deserved disrespect)."

Next time stick to playing cards.


cube said...

In case anyone is wondering: (left to right) Gail Greenberg, Jill Levin, Jill Meyers, Debbie Rosenberg, Kevin Rosenberg (team supporter), Irina Levitina, (cutout of picture) Hansa Narasimhan, JoAnna Stansby.

nanc said...

i cannot find their comments! what'd they say?

cube said...

Rosenberg is holding up a sign that reads, "We didn't vote for Bush."

Dak-Ind said...

well, even if i agreed with the sentiment i dont agree with the forum. there is a place for everything, an award ceremony given for playing cards in China isnt the place to express your US political beliefs

cube said...

dak: Exactly. My sentiments as well.

nanc said...

my eyes are so bad i can barely make it out!

i thought perhaps there was some long diatribe attached to these nitwits...

Brooke said...

They should be disallowed from re-entering the U.S., pending charges.

That'd sure give 'em something to whine about; and why not? They already think Bush is such a dictator and fascist.

Jen said...

I agree with Dak-Ind. It's not the place for it.

Besides, they play cards. What does anyone care what they think? The only way I might care less is if they were a all-girl country band...

cube said...

brooke: You are hardcore, girl.

I would just ridicule them as the silly women that they are (Hillary voters). From the looks of their makeshift sign, it looks like they didn't give much thought to their "protest".

Just another stoopid libtard stunt.

Brooke said...

I get REALLY hacked off when people start in on this "America's so evil/Gitmo/Bush is a fascist" nonsense.

As much as I'm skeeved at Bush for his total ineptitude with the border, he's no fascist.

If these biddies want to start that argument, I say give 'em a reason to whine.

cube said...

brooke: I hear you. I'm sick of the America-bashing buttheads too.

Wouldn't it be refreshing to hear someone win an award & tell the world how proud they are of being an American?

The closest thing to that we've heard recently was Mr. Zarkozy & he wasn't even an American.

Anonymous said...

You can voice your opinion to Jan Martel, President of the USBF at:

Postal Address
1511 Portola Street
CA 95616 Davis
+1-530-758 4088
+1-901-398 7754
Web site


cube said...

anonymous: Thanks, but I sent an email to the USBF board before I even put together this post.

Anonymous said...


It must be nice to live in a country where one's prosperity gives rise to such a degree of frivolous leisure that then equates to a platform for international denunciation of our president.

What utter classlessness. What bourgeous conspicuous consumption masquerading, once again, as solidarity with the workers.

Bridge players?

Dear God who is next? Croquet players, piccolo players, dog fanciers, steeple chasers? I'm terrified of what the badminton team will say in Iran!

How about shut the f___ up! I am sure Ossama appreciates the sentiments of these dumba__ women.

Hell I'd have them shot just for wasting time playing such a mind numbingly useless game.

As I am not yet king of the world their upbraiding, from me anyway, must wait. But here's to hoping their flight home seats them in ejection seats-and they are ejected!


Caz said...

As far as "protests" go, this is pathetic.

The questions left begging are: did anyone ask them who they voted for; does anyone care who they voted for?

What makes their lame gesture so offensive, so obnoxious, is the conceit, the arrogance, of believing that China was the *appropriate* geographic stage for their ambiguous denial.

They didn't consider holding up a little card about the blessings they each enjoy because of democracy, capitalism nd free speech?

(They didn't vote for Bush, and ... and ... what?)