Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Cambio is spanish for change and, in Cuba, you are not allowed to wear a bracelet that advocates for change. Imagine that amount of government control over your everyday life.

Cuban Students Detained For Wearing 'Cambio' Bracelets

Socialism/communism is antithetical to the free exchange of ideas. I can't help seeing parallels in the politically correct movement. Am I off-base on this?


cube said...

*crickets chirping*

Brooke said...


I think you're dead-on, Cube.

cube said...

We aren't being served by our "free" press. They are simply not bringing up the issues that are important to our nation.

birdwoman said...

once you have all the right ideas, there's no reason for idea exchange.

Do you understand now? Your inherently inferior ideas will not be allowed to muddy the atmosphere.

to detention for you!