Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mohammed Bear

Can you guess what this teddy bear's name is?


nanc said...


first name, teddy. as it's always been and always will be!

BeckEye said...

Um, Asshole McGurk?

I don't know...that was always my dad's answer for everything.

Kathy said...

Cute cat.....Er, oh,(rubs eyes) it's a bear!
Well, it is Friday night here in Oz!

cube said...

Cafe Press is already marketing Mohammed bears HERE

beckeye: Maybe there's a market out there for Asshole McGurk bears?

Jamie Dawn said...

This whole story, and the hoopla that goes with it is just ridiculous.
There are people shouting and demanding that the woman be executed for naming the bear Mohammed.
I don't like it when Christianity is mocked or somehow belittled, but calling for someone's execution over it would be crazy.
As a matter of fact, Christianity gets blasted all the time in many mediums.