Monday, November 26, 2007

Radical Hill

Where was Hillary in 1971? Working at one of the most radical law firms in the nation which defended clients others rejected as too controversial, including Communists, draft resisters, and members of the African-American militant group known as the Black Panthers.

Hillary Clinton's Radical Summer: A Season of Love and Leftists

This article is full of information that everyone must know about Hillary.

Pass it on.


cary said...

Love that groovin' head bop - and those pants! My lands, they make my eyes hurt just looking at 'em!

Jamie Dawn said...

My jokeful Huckabee post caused someone from Hope, AR to come over and give me a good tongue lashing. Oh well...
I'd take Huck over Hill ANY day!!!!!
I fear for our country if she's elected. I'm not ready for socialism to be implemented here, and that is the direction she's wanting us to head.
I hope one of the Republican candidates steps out of the field and shows strong leadership and Reaganesque courage. We need an impressive leader, and Hillary is NOT it.

Brooke said...

A leopard doesn't change its spots...

cube said...

cary: I hear you.

j.d.: Clearly, Hill is willing to say or do anything to gain power. Once elected, she will show her real left of left principles, pretty much in the Castro & Chavez vein.

No good can come of another Clinton administration.

brooke: Lately, Hill's true nature is starting to show and, consequently, her lead is shrinking.

The Internet & talk radio must get these facts out to the public because you can bet Couric isn't going to do it.

Michael said...

So she had idealistic years. So what? The current incumbent had drinking years. In what way did that affect his decisions?

"her summer at the Treuhaft firm is yet another indication that radical ideology lurks beneath the patina of moderation she has adopted in public life."

Nonsense, of course. She was 23 - twenty-three - at the time, and studying law not draft-dodging. Which is the better training for public office: law or drinking and draft-dodging?

Hang on, later in the same article she is described as, "a careful, moderate voice of dissent." So which is it? Radical or moderate?

And I'm not even a big fan of the lady. I just think this mud-raking is ridiculous. I hear the sound of a barrel being scraped already.

Brooke said...


The incumbent isn't making current decisions at the bottom of a bottle, but Hillary's law history is a formative one.

Who are you talking about with the draft-dodging? Her husband?