Thursday, November 29, 2007


No doubt you've heard about the planted questions during the CNN-You Tube Republican debate...

Michelle Malkin has a great summary Digging Out More CNN/YouTube Plants

You mean the democrats are cheating again?

I'm shocked!


cube said...

Hill doesn't know anything about it.

She didn't know anything about the previous planted questions either.

jan said...

How funny. Could they really believe that no one would notice? that the whole country is as stupid as CNN?

cube said...

jan: They bank on fooling the masses of people who watch the MSM and don't follow alternative sources of news.

nanc said...

how long will they remain (pardon the saying) bulletproof?

their side is eating this up - no, we'd never get away with the same - not in a million years.

off to look at carpet swatches for my little corner of the gulag.


cube said...

nanc: We'll have a better chance of making them "bullet-holed" the more ammuntion we throw at them.

Don't pick out your gulag carpet just yet.

Brooke said...

The Dems are like the sibling that gets away with murder.

Can you just see the outcry if the same thing were tried on the GOP side?


WomanHonorThyself said...

Dems cheating?..say it aint so!

cube said...

brooke: Yes, like the sibling that kills their parents and then begs for mercy because he's an orphan... and they get it from the MSM!

The outcry would be deafening if the GOP planted one question. Here the dems make the debate hall look like a freakin' botanical gardens and the outcry is minimal.

angel: My point too. The republicans should never have agreed to such an asinine format.