Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Auto Names

New Car Names -- How They Get 'em

Fascinating look at how new cars get their names...

I'm not too happy about the psychobabble they spew about XTerra buyers.

Edgy? Dangerous?

I just wanted a smallish SUV that was more truck-like than stationwagonish.



Jen said...

I still want to know WHY they named that one Pontiac "Vibe." Don't they know? That just gives us the giggles every time we see it...

Brooke said...


I wanted a Dodge Magnum. What does that say about me? :)

WomanHonorThyself said...

what about a Lincoln?..lol

Jamie Dawn said...

I'd like a piece of that $5,000 dollars a letter action!!
And to think they put ALL that work into naming cars, and I can't tell one car type from another.
I remember once saying "Rav4" instead of "Rava" and my brother cracked up. He still teases me about that.
I still say it looked like Rav4.

cube said...

jen: I agree. Vibe is a silly name.

brooke: lol.

angel: I know what a Lincoln is, but what is a Cadillac?

j.d.: It is a Rav4. Your brother is wrong. You can thank me for that later ;-)

Kathy Farrelly said...

Yep J.D. Cube is dead right!(whenever is the cubicle wrong huh?) We call 'em Rav4's here in Oz too.
Time for you to get your own back, on your bro' Lol!

nanc said...

when the children were smaller, it was a ford escort wagon - how prophetic!

now it's a dodge charger - VROOM!

and, if they ever get their licenses, it'll be the suburban for them.


nanc said...

cube - hint on the cadillac...a chinese person with cataracts invented it!