Friday, March 14, 2008

Polluting Teddy

Ted Kennedy Dumping Diesel Fuel Into Nantucket Sound

I don't know how much longer this will be available on the Cape Code Times, so I'm reproducing an excerpt here:

"By now every Cape Codder has heard our senior US senator Ted Kennedy proclaiming his resistence to the Cape Wind project on Nantucket Sound because, as he said, "that's where I sail."

'He has called Nantucket Sound "a national treasure", but his love and respect doesn't not extend to his own habits as these photos of him dumping diesel fuel from the bilge of his yacht Mya into the same waters he tries to prevent others from using for renewable energy projects.'

Oh, what tripe. Massachusetts liberals are just getting what they vote into office election after election.

What am I thinking? Teddy will just blame it on the little people who pilot his yacht and it will all blow over. The next re-election will stay on track.

What's a few shellfish and swimmers?


Always On Watch said...

The Admiral of Chappaquiddick is one of the biggest hypocrites on the planet!

The Merry Widow said...

But, but, but, don't you understand? HE'S A KENNEDY! He can't do ANYTHING wrong!
He wishes!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!

Has he EVER done ANYTHING right?

birdwoman said...

we're finally getting rid of one of our icky pols, but only because he had a major heart attack a few weeks ago. Some other corrupt guy will replace him.


Anonymous said...


Why do they vote for the corpulent coward who ran off and left a young woman to drown in the icy waters not far from where he pumped out his bilge water?

How dare you ask! After the way the world looks at Amerika now. Global warming, walmart, healthcare, outsourcing, Bush's war, gun violence, homophobia, homelessness, energy costs, lack of education, poverty, budget cuts, incarceration rates-how dare you. When Oballery is president there won't be any more cubes around to question where Teddy pumps his bilge. And I for one say Heil comrade!

The previous paragraph is a boiled down summary of what media consumers read, see and hear in Massachusetts Media all, day every day. What passes for conservative organs such as the Herald and talk radio is insufficient to effectively push back against the media/judiciary/education stranglehold held by the Left in that region.

Look at New Hampshire, the state of rugged, individualists (one of which I hear you cotton to!)which used to be very conservative. The recent influx of Mass. residents fleeing the very burdensome taxes they voted for while living in Massachussetts ( and then fled from!)is causing the demographic in NH to shift left as these new granite staters vote for the same top heavy government give away programs that caused the high taxes they ran away from in The bay state (Mass.)!!!

And there it is, the marriage of parasitism, corruption and stupidity that either seperately or combined in some blend makes up the Commucrat party today. There's your Teddy. That's where he comes from.

If only the Blog was required reading in MA perhaps the tide would turn and the people of Massachussetts would no longer need to be so annoying and worthy of the scorn those intrepid New Hampshire-ites rightly hold for them.

Perhaps one day New Hampshire will push back and liberate the citezens of MA to make it a free state once again- and Vermont too! but that is another thread for another day.

Lets just be glad the lefties are so incompetent they didn't stop the bilge story!


Jen said...

What an ass! Can I say ass here? If not, please substitute something that shows equal irritation...

WomanHonorThyself said...

ah yes another Kennedy whos supposed to be above reproach..ugh!!

Miladysa said...


Shame on him!

Ken Albin said...

For some odd reason Ted seems to have a habit of dumping things into the water.

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm so tired of liberals holding America back from doing what needs to be done for our best interests.
Kennedy and others are crying foul against the use of wind energy in his neck of the woods when he should be supporting it.
As for other things such as this, we should have drilled for our own oil a long time ago, and we should have built some new refineries, and we should be using nuclear energy as much as we can. We have allowed ourselves to be put in a box without many options except to keep relying on foreign oil. It's ridiculous how we've gotten into the mess.

cube said...

aow: lol. The admiral of chappaquiddick. That's rich.

tmw: He's a despicable character that just keeps getting re-elected.
Go figure.

bw: Or woman.

QQ: You are on fire today!! Remind me to never get on your bad side

BTW I think it would behoove everyone to read The BLOG, especially the denizens of Massachusetss.

cube said...

jen: Yes, you may say 'ass' here. It's almost impossible to avoid the word when discussing Teddy.

angel: See, I've never believed the Kennedy family was above reproach.

miladysa: He has no shame.

ken albin: lol. It is a recurring problem for him.

j.d.: From your lips to God's ears.

I think we'd better start digging out from beneath the stinking mound of PC crap before it's too late.

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