Monday, March 24, 2008

Typical White Logic

Senator Obama claims "that to fear a black person on the street more than a white person is a racial "stereotype", "bred" into us".

Randall Hovan has a piece in The American Thinker that crunches the numbers and proves Obama's statement about his grandmother's fear of a strange black man being 'a typically white reaction' is not based on the facts.

Typical White Fact-Based Reasoning

Blacks are 13% of the population but commit 51.2% of the murders...

Hmmmm... perhaps Obama should've paid more attention to his grandmother and less to Pastor Wright.


Jill said...

Well...growing up in Alabama and South Carolina I can remember being told to be cautious around certain people and not to go in certain areas because I might not be safe.My parents felt the same way. I can understand why this white woman felt the way she did. It was understood in my family that certain things and people were to be avoided. Good or bad that was the way I grew up.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Cheers Cube!..well said indeed! :)

nanc said...

i've stated elsewhere that i'm 'spicious of ANYBODY following me down the street - i'm an equal opportunity jittery person who hates being followed! by ANYBODY.

cube said...

jill: You aren't alone. Jesse Jackson expressed the same fears.

My biggest complaint about Obama's race speech is that there's no comparison between a private person expressing certain opinions and a pastor with a huge audience expressing his.

angel: thank you :-)

nanc: My spidey sense is very sensitive. My daughters laugh because I'm always aware of cars that follow me as well. My eyes are always wide open.

Brooke said...

Cube, those numbers are clearly bigoted.

cube said...

brooke: I e-mailed the writer and asked him if the 48% figure included Hispanics and he confessed that he didn't know and added that, " calculations were conservative (in the non-political sense) in that regard. I wanted to make sure any uncertain assumptions on my part were made in the direction of more favorable conclusions for blacks."

Clearly, he bent over backwards to be fair and still proved his conclusion.

Brooke said...


Grading on a curve and still got those results? How funny.

Anonymous said...


Remember the words of the Gunny-"There are no... (racial and ethnic slurs across the board!) in my beloved corps-You are all equally worhthless!"

Words I, for one, have lived by for years.

As to consequences- I find that by taking people as they come and being uninhibited in expressing hostility and distrust toward those desrving of same has me far less frustrated than, say, your typical Massachussetts resident!

Semper Fi


Brooke said...

LOL! I LOVE the Gunny!

Maybe we should start calling Obama Snowball? Naaaaah.

I find that when one has a REALLY GOOD reason for hating someone, it makes the animosity a little more fun. ;)

cube said...

QQ: I'm a fan of Gunny too. I think it is healthier to speak plainly about things. The PC crap is going to drive our country into crapville.

brooke: Perhaps Half-Snowball? ;-) Naaaahh!

Caz said...

Indeed, we mustn't be brainwashed, or have it inbred into us, that our fears are irrational.

Let's not forget that responding appropriately to fear saves traumas and lives.

A politically-correct dead person is no less dead for having avoided giving offense to anyone. The benefit of the doubt is nice in theory, just don't put it too much into practice.