Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hulu Time

If you haven't browsed , then you're missing out on an eclectic mix of old and new TV shows, movies, popular clips, videos.

It's still in the beta stage, but all in all, a good site to explore.


Brooke said...

Very cool!

birdwoman said...

Yeah, I was watching Barney Miller yesterday. Great site!


nanc said...

there was no catblog friday...pkwhy?


cube said...

brooke: Yeah, I thought so too.

bw: I know. I love the really old stuff too...Voyage to the Bottom of The Sea, Alfred Hitchcock, etc.

nanc: I was busy, but I would've made time if it hadn't been Good Friday. As a Catholic, I'm a little conflicted about using cat humor on that day. I can picture Sister Pauline's lecture in my head... the guilt never ends with us Catholics ;-)

nanc said...


i thought you said "CAT-A-HOLIC"!


WomanHonorThyself said...

thanks for the heads up!:)

cube said...

nanc: lol. Yeah, that too ;-)

angel: Glad you liked the site.