Friday, March 14, 2008

Gas Bag

I'm not advocating that you watch Keith Olbermann's frothy rant about Clinton's reaction to the Ferraro remarks because your head might explode. I merely include it here for those who are gluttons for punishment.

That said, for Olbermann to think that Hillary is being misled by advisors is naive, even for him.

Has there ever been such a impassioned example of while liberal guilt and gullibility rolled up into a saliva-drenched ball of piffle?

What's the frequency (on your planet), Keith?


jan said...

"saliva-drenched ball of piffle"


Brooke said...

After Obama's pastor's rants, I can't believe Hillary and Ferraro are apologizing!

cube said...

jan: Thank you :-)

brooke: I know. Not that I like them, mind you, but it's pathetic the way they're held to a different standard than that lunatic preacher.

Where in hell does he get off saying God Damn America! That's enough to get you a one way ticket on board the Navratilova express, if you ask me.

And his nutball rhetoric gets even worse.

Start explaining Obama.

Anonymous said...

the pastor's words sound like dem talking points to me.


Anonymous said...


Every time i see that a__hole I can't help remember his simpering breakdown during the Lewinsky scandal. Try as he might he could not wrench the public' attention away from Bill's pathology to misdirect us once again to "the real Issues". Thus he collapsed in sorrow and frustration that all his desires and those of 90% of the MSM would not be realized.

After trying to steal the election of 2000, then again in 2004 the Left lamely found traction in 2006. Now back and full of mad fury Olberman can almost taste the power the Left has craved since Bill pissed away their momentum.

Imagine the Supreme court for the last 7 years with three or four more Ginsburgs and Breyers. There would be no more talk radio as we know it. Guns would have been confiscated by now as the 15 years of Clinton/Gore would have made the electorate a hollow shell with the hard left tilt of all federal courts and the gutless acquiessence of the MSM. And that just scratches the surface.

It is no wonder he is once again overwrought at the prospect of the Commucrats losing again-with nearly 50% of the electorate stupid or corrupt enough to put these tyrants back into power the temptation to lunge for it is too much for a loon like Keith O. to resist.

If they win this time i don't think our republic will survive as we recognize it today. People like Olberman know and desire this and will stop at nothing to get power once and for all.



cube said...

pez: Sadly, it does seem that way sometimes.

QQ: Don't hold back. Tell us what you really think of Olbermann ;-)

Heh heh.

You are absolutely right about the left's craving for power and how we won't recognize this country if they get it.

BTW I think Keith needs to adjust his medications again. What a display. Sheesh.