Monday, February 09, 2009

Doctored Data

MMR Doctor Andrew Wakefield Fixed Data On Autism

Has anyone else heard about this? I would think it would be all over the news.


Kris said...

yes, you would think this would be first page news....people sometimes do not want messes up their current beliefs.


jan said...

I hadn't seen this. Strange, is it not what news gets disseminated?

cube said...

Kris: I hear you. Some folks don't want to be confused by the facts.

This is the British equivalent of the vaccine scare and, consequently, why they have high rates of measles.

Here in the US, it's the thiomerasol preservative, which has also been added to vaccines in the UK, but either way, I would think this would be big news.

Go figure.

cube said...

Jan: I don't think it's strange. I think what news we see has more to do with whether it goes against the agenda-driven propaganda... or not.

Brooke said...


Where is the outrage? Where are the parents of the autistic with the pitchforks and torches?

This is an outrage!!!

cube said...

brooke: I hear you. This doctor lied and children died of measles. Where is the outrage indeed.

This is up there with the globalwarming/climate change hoax. I wonder what other wool they've been pulling over our eyes?

Gifted Typist said...

Believe or not, I lived through Dr. WAkefield's autism scam!

I had both my kids in England in the 90s and it was a huge issue for us when it was time to have them MMRed.

There were so many opinions and facts flying around and the poor, fatigued parents were in the middle of it.

The Government said not to believe the doctor. The doctor said not to trust the Gov't. REmember, this was the gov't that a few years before told people it was safe to eat the beef in the middle of Mad Cow Disease...
it was hard to know who or what to believe. Everyone had an agenda.

In the end, i listened to my instincts and had them MMRed. To find out that the good doc bilked us, was relief, but it angered me too.

PS my kids are both healthy

birdwoman said...

gifted- same with me. My doctors told me to do some research - one doctor does not a study make. they were right.

he should be , in the great american tradition, sued out of existence.


cube said...

Gifted typist: I'm glad your kids are OK. I can't imagine the amount of needless anxiety this doctor caused with his data fixing, but he should lose his credentials over it.

Any professional who misuses his or her position in such a shameful manner is lucky not to end up in prison as well.

Jamie Dawn said...

I did not see one report about this.
This is criminal. I know many parents DO believe in the connection between the vaccinations and their kids' autism, but it is wrong for a doctor to make up evidence to promote a false claim.
A true study should be done on this, and it needs to be a huge study over a few years.