Thursday, February 26, 2009

Super Money

Rare Superman Comic To Be Auctioned Online

Action Comics #1," published in June 1938, is considered by collectible experts to be the world's most valuable comic book and is valued at about $126,000.

And this is during an economic downturn. Some people have more money than brains.


Makes me wish I had kept track of more of my old comics!


birdwoman said...

seinfeld is bidding?


cube said...

Why wouldn't he? He's a big Superman fan and richer than almost God.

Brooke said...

Perhaps the seller is preparing for those tough times?

Interesting to see who buys the comic.

jan said...

I've never understood how an old comic could be in mint condition. Ours were always read, re-read, traded, and loved to death and tatters.

cube said...

Brooke: Interesting indeed.

Jan: Especially such an old comic. We read them to pieces too. I also remember cutting up a few of them. Who knew they'd one day be worth more?

Anonymous said...

Note what they say, 'valued at', doesn't mean they'll get that amount if it were actually sold.

I guess it depends on how many fools with money are out there.

Chuck said...

Thinking the same thing you were, all of the comics, trading cards, etc that we threw away when we were kids.

cube said...

mksviews: Sure. A lot of it is hype. And there are less fools with money today than there were 6 months ago.

Chuck: I know. I could kick myself. The comics disintegrated over the years, but I don't even know what happened to my shoebox full of baseball cards.

cube said...

mksviews: The comic was valued at 126,000 but sold for $317,200.
This proves that there are plenty of people out there who have lots of money, but when it comes to brains, they're all foam and no beer.