Sunday, February 01, 2009

Where's FEMA Now?

From American Thinker...

Obama Hates White People And Wants Them To Die

Turn about is fair play.


Papa Frank said...

It's just a guess and all but I bet he'll get a pass on this and Bush will get blamed instead even though he's gone.

Z said...

Oh, CUBE! How did you get that video shot? I have both videos...he's giving the finger to HIllary first, then mcCain.
BUT, my lefty friends say "Oh, no...he was just scratching his FACE"
I just ask if they've ever scratched their faces with their middle finger JUST upon mentioning what they'd like to do to an 'enemy' name and then waited...a while...for the crowd to realize they indeed DO have a classless RUBE in front of them and he DID do it on purpose because HE"S WAITING FOR THEIR APPRECIATIVE APPLAUSE! And he SURE DOES wait, doesn't he.... And OH, DO THEY LOVE IT..!! "He's like US, no class, awful!! Just what we WANT in our next president!"

It's like that lie when he denied his Lipstick/pig line was meant for Palin....libs say "it's just an expression" Imagine an OBAMA using that expression EVER?...and then, why did he wait between the build up and the punchline so so so long? JUST enough to get people cracking up and clapping! intention (NOT!)

Libs will believe ANYTHING about THE ONE.
That giving the finger, of ALL THE THINGS I despise about this guy (God, forgive me) is the thing I always consider when I want SO BADLY to respect my president.......naaa, can't, not after THAT.

jan said...

Back when he was flipping people the bird, I showed the videos to quite a few people and they all agreed that the finger he chose was quite deliberate.

If Bush has been responsible for the climate of the earth, he will be responsible for everything for years to come.

Brooke said...

"Typical white people."

The next four years are gonna be a blast... Not.

WomanHonorThyself said...

of course he'll get a pass!

Chuck said...

Good read. When he bombed Pakistan I wanted to get out on a street corner and hold up a sign, "Obama lied, people died"

Anonymous said...

We endured 8 years of poorly constructed lies produced to shore up the flimsy accomplishments of the first priapist in chief, Bill Clinton.

Then, after a failed attempt to steal the election for their bonehead, Al Gore, we had to endure 8 years of treasonous slander because they would have to wait for their euthanasia/abortion/gay marriage/wealth distribution utopia for another 4 years. Then another 4!

Now we have to ignore still more facts and embrace the most empty of suits ever to occupy an executive office, let alone this one.

Rick Lazio "assaulted" Hillary in a debate by walking over to her and handing her the sheet of paper containing a quote she was denying?

Yet this gutless panzy, Obama Hussein Mugabe, flips the bird in front of his lowbrow audience while referring to Governor Palin as a pig, (no small insult when coming from a moslem, WHICH HE IS), Yet not a peep from the always easily offended women's groups.

Not surprising, but take comfort.

Regarding FEMA; Obama supporters are people who sit on their asses when a category 5 hurricane is bearing down on them. They lazily make no preparations, complacent, even though they live 15 feet below sea level surrounded by walls built by the lowest bidder!

Bush's fault?

They weigh 400 pounds but are stunned to find they have Diabetes and high blood pressure. Bush's fault?

They continue to smoke for years since the cancer link was firmly established but blame others for their respiratory illness. Bush's fault?

They are dishonest and weak and can not build a victory without cheating. ACORN! Corrupt leftwing media!

They depend on their opponents being weaker than they are. Our fault!

Think their opponents are getting the clear message now?

We'll see!


DaBlade said...

Good one! I'm sure Kenye West is making the rounds with this accusation as we speak!

cary said...

It's only a national emergency when the people affected are living off the government and vote DemocRAT.

Jamie Dawn said...

There's a difference in attitude between those in New Orleans and those in Kentucky and Arkansas. It isn't a race thing; it's a responsibility thing. Those who do the loudest whining get the most attention. Also, the media has more interest in bashing Republican administrations than Democrat ones. Obama could do or not do just about anything, and he'd get a pass from most media outlets.

Anonymous said...

And a POX on him as well