Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tough Fashion

Tough Clothes For Tough Times At NY Fashion Week

I guess they must have missed this line of insane fuzzy hats by Michael Kors.

It looks like Sit-On-Your-Head Elmo. How do the models keep a straight face?


birdwoman said...

It's funny, the deerstalker-type caps (or, 50's kids' winter hats) are big in urban schools right now. Just not in orange fluff.


sue said...

cube - I like it! Perfect for the Illinois weather.

Brooke said...

Um... I'll stick with my jeans and tee shirts, thanks...

How come we never see guys in such ridiculous get-ups?

Anonymous said...

John Candy wears a hat similar to this in Uncle Buck. There's a line in the movie where he says something like..."Just the sight of it makes some people angry.."

I can see why.

I'm mad now.


Caz said...

But can it sing and dance?

Elmo does.

cube said...

bw: Deerstalker-type caps (like the one Randy Parker wore in "A Christmas Story") aren't as onerous as Kors' hats.

You'd have to hit me with a tranquilizer dart, tie up my heavily-medicated body with some thick gauge rope, and put that loony cap on my head in order to photograph me wearing one.

cube said...

Sue: You just like to disagree with me ;-)

Brooke: Good question. I can't blame this one males designers because even women designers concoct ridiculous outfits.

I think it's because inherently males are driven to eschew anything that isn't comfortable and
functional. For years I complained that guy socks were thicker and more comfortable than those for women.

I hate to say it, but women are more likely to be driven to eschew comfort & function for vanity. The more eyeballs go their way, the better.

nanc said...

wonder how many 1970 shag carpets had to die to create that thing?!?

cube said...

Pinky: If I saw somebody wearing a freakishly large neon orange furry cap, my first reaction would be to laugh.

Caz: Remember Tickle Me Elmo? ;-)

nanc: lol! I hadn't thought of
burnt orange shag carpet and avocado kitchen appliances in a long time.

Jamie Dawn said...

Elmo... funny!
That hat is hideous and leaning towards hitonious.
It would be full on hitonious if it had the words Yes We Did across the front of it.

WomanHonorThyself said...

lmboooooooooooo aw all orangey and stuff!

cube said...

JD: That would most definitely fit the hitonious category. Hitonious with a capital 'H'.

Woman: All orangey and... unwearable by any sane person ;-)