Thursday, February 12, 2009

Koala Star

I originally heard about the Australian bush fires from my OZ blog buddy Caz @ Avatar Briefs

but now this little koala has become quite the internet video star...

Thirsty Koala Becomes Video Star

This will make you forget about the faltering economy, and your tanking 401K, and your new job prospects being next to zero...

This will make you smile for a change.

Go for it.

You'll thank me.


sue said...

That is heartwarming all right.

I also saw an article about a little girl saving her dog from a fire.

cube said...

The sight of this wild animal holding the firefighter's had while she drank water from the bottle... ahhh, that was beautiful amidst all the horror that these fires have caused.

jan said...

That is great. It reminds me of that jpg going around the internet a few years ago of a fireman and a Doby. Firemen are great.

Brooke said...

That was wonderful!

Chuck said...

Cool video. Gives a little respite from all of the horror the Aussies are facing.

DaBlade said...

A nice respite from all the depressing stuff there (and here). Reminds us to stop and have fun occasionally!

Caz said...

While there are hundreds of amazing stories of survival and heroics, the truth is, one exhausted and injured koala is really the only respite, the most comforting and hopeful image, we have had from this disaster Chuck - and yes, it is very welcome.

Sam even has a new friend, fellow koala survivor Ben, who has been comforting her as they both recover.

Caz said...

Jan - yes, firemen ARE great!

We've had thousands of volunteer fire fighters from across the state and the country, often working without rest, since Saturday.

The fires continue. The volunteers are still out there keeping the remaining fires under control.

Heroes one and all.

gecko said...

There have been some amazing stories about people saving their animals from the bush fires in Australia. If you rummage around in this paper you will see there are some truly beautiful people out there. I do hope they catch the "scumbags" that deliberately lit these fires.

Caz said...

Gecko - unfortunately many more people died while trying to save their animals instead of saving their own lives.

There were hundreds of fires across the whole state of Victoria on the weekend, many still going, most of which are not considered to be "suspicious".

Only one region has been under serious investigation by the police and a suspect was arrested today. He was expected to face court late today, but I'm not sure if that has happened yet, and if so, what charges he will face.

Twenty one people died in Churchill, which was the fire that locals and police held suspicions about, and for which the arrest has been made.

So far, no other fires have come under the same level of suspicion or police scrutiny, but that might change now that police believe they have the right suspect in hand for the Churchill fire.

The conditions on Saturday were known beforehand to be exactly right for the "perfect fire".

You can hope it won't happen, but there was little chance that somewhere across the state, with temperatures around 120F, no rain for a month, in drought for many years ... well, the place was a tinderbox waiting to go up, and it did - everywhere. The winds and ferocity of the fires were beyond anything seen before, even though Australia is well accustomed to extreme bushfire. This one beat them all.

(The very worst was in 1851, when nearly half the state burned, but the loss of life was only a fraction of the lives lost this week, and the homes lost.)

nanc said...

God be with our friends in oz and bless that fireman's heart for sharing his water!

BeckEye said... cute!

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Jamie Dawn said...

I saw a news clip on this story.
What a cute story to come out of all that horror and tragedy.
People needed to hear some good news for a change after all the horrible fires and death.
The koala is doing well, and another koala has taken her under his wing. Ahhhh... love.