Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cat Blog Friday On Saturday

The cardinals returned to our feeder this week and Pepper, our supermodel cat, chased them off with her usual alacrity...

I think Pepper is a Steelers fan.

Are you?


Z said...

um........what kind of EARS does that cat have? I've never seen that!???

So glad you're blogging and visiting again! I hope you're feeling MUCH BETTER! xxx

RightKlik said...

Can that cat tune in to satellite radio with those ears?

Caz said...

Bad enough that I do Duck Friday on your Thursday, now you're Cat Blog Fridaying on a Saturday?


What kind of ears?

I looked, appear to be cat ears, quite cute too and suitable for a cat. :-D

birdwoman said...

what is up with the ears? Whack.

And yes, I like the steelers. They are from PA.


DaBlade said...

Everyone pin those ears back and let's get on with the game!

So how long has Pepper had this catnip addiction, or did she get into your cough syrup? :)

cube said...

Z: Haven't you ever flipped a cat's ears back on themselves? I guess my family is easily amused.

Thank you. I'm glad to be back :-)

RightKlik: hee hee. I wish.

Caz: If only I had posted this on Friday just as I had planned. Now I have caused the world to go awry ;-)

Birdwoman: It's the elusive curly-eared Florida wild cat ;-)

Yeah, I figured you for a Steelers fan. We have some neighbors who are diehard fans and they have 4 flags on their car and banners on their house. They are ecstatic.

DaBlade: Goodness knows there were lots of bottles of meds Pepper could've raided.

Z said...

Cube! Now I GET IT!! Ya, I guess I might have..but not THAT WELL!! And IS amusing!

xxxxxx don't over good to have you back!

gecko said...

Lol, like the look, will have to try that on one of my kittens!

Gifted Typist said...

ahhhh, too funny

Anonymous said...

That kitty looks very pleased with her new look.

Have any shots of your other cats with the "Hail Ceaser" ear fold?


nanc said...

nancson does that to clawedy-boy and he hates it - he gets all disgruntled and jumps to the floor and stalks around like a mountain lion after!

>^..^< raerrrrrft!

p.s. mewna was unsuccessful in trying to make me fall down the stairs this morning. again.

cube said...

Z: It's just one of those things we do for amusement. Honestly, I thought everybody turned back their cats' ears for fun.