Friday, January 02, 2009

Red And Black

OK, here's something you won't get anywhere else...

I read an interesting article in my local paper about the Commie revolution in Cuba celebrating 50 years of tyranny and how many Cubans were duped into believing that Castro was all about change and hope...

Photos Fade, Feelings Don't 50 Years After Revolution

One sentence caught my eye... when Isabel and Elio Muller saw the triumphant Castro and his revolutionary fighters ride by her home, she "dressed in black and red. I dressed my children in black pants and red shirts, which was the revolutionary movement's colors."

I thought back to the dress Michelle Obama wore when Barack Obama accepted the presidential nomination... a dress designed by Narciso Rodriguez, the son of Cuban


Coincidence or planned symbolism?

Just something to think about.


CrazyBunnyLady said...

Happy Birthday!

Chuck said...

Bit of a stretch but interesting. More likley it would be the designer.

BeckEye said...

I knew that Rizzo was a commie when she showed up at Rydell's dance-off in that red and black polka dot dress. Everyone else just thought she was a slut.

Always On Watch said...

Hmmmm....Might not be a coincidence.

Off topic....You've got to see this over at my site. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!

nanc said...

not only does this dress have black widow intonations, but it makes her look like a lava lamp.

hate it.

WomanHonorThyself said...

lol boy are we in for it for the next 4 years Cube!

DaBlade said...

At the very least it's an Obama fist-bump to the "hope" and "change" commie movement... *sigh*

cube said...

CrazyBunnyLady: Thank you.

Chuck: Maybe.

Beckeye: Why do you think they called themselves The Pinko Ladies?

AOW: Nope, it might not.

Thanks for the heads up to the post at your site. It was out of this world ;-)

nanc: lol. It is hideous.

Woman: I hope you're wrong...

DaBlade: I'm beginning to think so too. BO and MO have been steeped in the culture of revolution for years and have much affinity for it.

They would have a great laugh over an inside joke like this.

Remember the sneaky way he gave the middle finger to Hillary and McCain? In plain view of crowds, but with plenty of plausible denial.

Papa Frank said...

Just wait until they pull the blue off the American flag and add black instead. And no need for 50 stars when we become cookie cutter socialists.

Jay said...

and here I was just thinking that she was a Texas Tech fan.

Chuck said...

Papa, the 50 stars will confuse him. He will form a commision to add the other 8 states.

Anonymous said...

Not a coincidence. Not much is with that kind of ideology.

Texas Tech fan?? Bite yer tongue!

kiwiriverman said...

Now red and black are the colours of my favourite rugby teams in New Zealand, Canterbury provincial team and the champion Crusaders Super 14 franchise!

But back to your subject, interesting!

Red is the international socialist colour, but also used by social democrats as well.

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