Friday, January 09, 2009

Cubular Construct

From the cubular files:

Construction Of A 7x7x7 Rubik V-Cube

This is a fascinating video... well, except for one small scene which is not so cool.

It's quick, but I spotted it. Can you?


Jerine said...

you're not chicken. actually i hate surgery. in fact i don't want any knife or needle on my body. but i post that entry because i'm sponsered some money to write it. it's just an ad. hehe....

dmarks said...

I want to see album cover art for "Cubular Bells"

nanc said...

it would be difficult and a lengthy process to peel all the little squares off this one and replace them in record time...

Anonymous said...


Are you referring to the friggin swastica?

I saw it for a just a flash. Oh aren't we clever?

So now we are supposed to conclude it meant what exactly?

I'm sure it is far to deep for my peanut brain to comprehend.

I'm so damn provincial, I still love and admire friends and relatives who killed assloads of Real Nazis.

Then again I have a Bush-Palin 2012sticker on my truck!




cube said...

Jerine: Sorry. I mistook your blog post as a blog post. Actually, it must be nice to make money off blogging. Really. You're living a dream many bloggers have.

cube said...

dmarks: lol. Me too.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

I found this while surfing around. It's supposedly from the guy who did the video:

"Some people have complained about the alleged presence of Nazi influence in the video at about 1:10, but I must insist again that it is nothing of the sort; simply being a stylized logo of my initials "Yh" which bears a remarkable similarity to the symbol."

I hit the pause button during the video and I'm not sure I buy his explanation.

The "h" part of the "stylized logo" doesn't look any h I've ever seen.

I guess we're just supposed to consider it art and leave it at that.

Trouble is, the guy forgot about this: It's all in the eye of the beholder.

So bite, Mr. "Yh."

Jamie Dawn said...

I saw the swastika or what looked like one.
When Courtney and I were in Korea, that symbol was on lots of jewelry and other things. To them, it is not meant as the Nazi symbol. I had never heard that the symbol can mean anything else.

Happy New Year!!!!!

Brooke said...

Was it the swastica, or the outside piece being put on part?

Kind of reminds me of a borg cube from the inside out.

Brooke said...

By it, I mean the uncool part.


M. C. Pearson said...

Yep, the swastica. Ick. Other than that, it was totally cool! Thanks, Cube. I've always loved Rubik's Cube!

DaBlade said...

Heil Rubiks?

great. now that i've watched this video and instantly memorized those gear thingys, it is crystal clear how to solve the cube in less than 30 seconds...

Anonymous said...

Jamie Dawn makes a valid point. I too have seen the swastica symbol in very ancient asian art, structures and other dipictions which would logically have nothing to do with Nazis prioor to WW2. Since that time, it does beg a certain extra mile of credulity to expect it is benign given the abundance of information technology today.

In spite of the shocking lack of historical perspective of even relatively high tech people today, it does seem like JH is reaching to ask us to believe that isn't Hitlers tool in that brief frame.

I've been wrong a time or two though!


cube said...

QQ: Yup. I saw a swastika. It took away the joyful aspect of the video for me.

Pasadena CC: I tend to agree with you. Words and symbols do matter. Unless I'm missing something about letters in an Asian alphabet, I don't see the YH either.

J.D.: You have a point. Apparently the symbol, also known as a fylfot, has roots from the Old World and even prehistoric times.

Unfortunately, it was perverted by the Nazis and it connotes something very evil in the modern era.

I guess I shouldnot be surprised. I still see morons the world over wearing Che Guevara shirts. Heck, communism has killed way more people than Hitler ever did.

brooke: I thought I saw a swastika. I did. I did see a swastika! ;-)

MC Pearson: Me too. Too bad he felt the need to include that.

DaBlade: I'm glad you got it. There's going to be a test later

cube said...

QQ: I'm not conversant in Asian alphabets or cultures so perhaps I'm wrong about this.

Who knows?

Perhaps despite all the information at our disposal, people are learning less history than ever. Or they're learning the wrong history.

How else do you explain morons today wearing Che Guevara shirts when communism has killed more
people than the Nazis ever did.

Go figure.

Papa Frank said...

I caught it. What was the point of that being in there?

cube said...

Papa Frank: Not sure. Pasadena read that it's a stylized logo of the video creator's initials.

Jamie Dawn saw the symbol all over the place in Korea. It's an ancient symbol with roots in prehistory.

Whatever the case, I think it mars what would've otherwise been an excellent video.

Jen said...

Now I want to see someone put together a Magic 8 ball... Without the swastika, if you please.