Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ricardo Montalban 1920-2009

Ricardo Montalban Dies At 88

Ricardo Montalban, whose career spanned many decades from splashy MGM musicals to the wish-fulfilling Mr. Roarke in TV's "Fantasy Island," died Wednesday morning at his home.

To me, his best role was Khan Noonien Singh, the villain from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.



CrazyBunnyLady said...

Isn't that sad?

cube said...

Every year I see the retrospective in the paper about who died and I always feel sad when I see whom we've lost.

Many of these talented people are irreplaceable especially in light of the caliber of celebutards today.

Chuck said...

I thought he was a great Khan.

Just think, these guys are being replaced by Lindsay Lohan and Johhny Depp, etc.

Brooke said...

There goes another one.


He'll always be Kahn to me! :)

Sue said...

Never a fan of Star Trek - still I'd like to see The Wrath of Khan.
I did like RM.

Hey, I think Johnny Depp has done some good stuff.

Jamie Dawn said...

I watched him on Fantasy Island, and I enjoyed his Khan role. I did not ever know anything about him in his real life.
How sad.

DaBlade said...

Khaaaan! De plane!
Classy dude. R.I.P.

cube said...

Chuck: My point exactly. We are replacing titans with pipsqueaks.

Brooke: Yeah, me too. From Space Seed to Wrath of Khan... it was good stuff.

Sue: Star Trek 2: Wrath of Khan is definitely a must watch movie, but to know the villain's motivation, one must watch Star Trek: The Original Series episode which introduced Khan... The Space Seed.

It provides the back story for his hate-filled rage towards the Enterprise crew.

J.D.: Never watched Fantasy Island, but I did see the rich Corinthian leather commercials. Who could've missed those, eh?

DaBlade: Yes he was.

Jay said...

To really appreciate ST2: Wrath of Khan, one needs to read Moby Dick.

Montalban made that role which made it one of the best of the original series and probably the best of all the movies.

cube said...

Jay: Funny that you would bring up Moby Dick for ST2:WOK when it also came up so prominently in ST8: First Contact. It is definitely a theme that repeats throughout the series.

I also believe Khan was the best villain and I would award the Borg as second.

cube said...

jay: BTW I think any thinking adult should've read Moby Dick by the time they graduated high school or, at the latest, college. It is a classic.

Papa Frank said...

A loss for sure.

Sue said...

Moby Dick is in my top 10.

It is also a great audio book.

Anonymous said...

Quoth Kramer!

"Oh sure, Jerry will tell you that "The Wrath of Khan" is the better picture, but I say it's "the Search for Spock!""

Moby Dick? Is that a book?


Always On Watch said...

Ricardo Montalban had elegance and real class.

Jen said...


coffee said...

Dos Equis should have hired Ricardo Montalban to do a few ads for them, he could have done their "most interesting man in the world" bit perfectly (and he has a Spanish accent)