Thursday, January 08, 2009

Obama Lovefest

It's Official: Spiderman In The Tank For Obama


Debbie Schlussel isn't kidding about getting out the barf bags.


jan said...

OMG!! I loved comics as a kid and had no idea what the message of today's comics are. Next we will have PETAman. Or maybe we already do.

Papa Frank said...

When do the statues go up in every city square?

cube said...

jan: I was a big comic fan myself and I find this type of storyline to be agenda-driven liberal drivel being fed to our children in the guise of a comic.

The symbolism of Captain America's recent death is not lost on me either.

lol about PETAman. I remember thinking how bogus the pollution fighting superhero, Captain Planet, was back in the day. Does that count?

Papa Frank: why stop at statues? There is no end to the butt-kissing that will come... streets, countries, planets, why not the entire universe?

Héctor said...

Well, all I can say is that comic books have always been agenda-driven (or did you ever see a Communist super-hero in the 50s?). It's just that now you disagree with the agenda.
Anyway, barack is a huge fan of Spiderman (and Star Trek), so it must be really cool for him to be in a Spiderman comic.

cube said...

Hector: You have a point about agenda-driven comics, but why in the world would I want to see a Communist superhero, or a Nazi superhero, or a terrorist superhero?

The whole idea of superhero versus villian is based on the notion of good versus evil. Doesn't the fact that the agenda is on the side of good matter?

Of course.

But why is it that the Presidency of the USA is only an office that should be respected when an democrat is in charge?

Brooke said...

Say it ain't so, Spidey, SAY IT AIN'T SO!!!

Dammit, this just ruins Spider Man for me, unless the next page is Jameson kicking the crapola out of every living thing, ESPECIALLY Spidey and Obama.

Did they kill the Cap AGAIN?

DaBlade said...

Maybe we learn in the next issue that it's Spidey's evil alter-ego, Venom. Just another evilterrorist side-kick buddy for Obama.

dmarks said...

Jan: Petaman is part of the "Social Justice League" published by DNC Comics.

Last time I knew, the team featured The New Black Panther, Captain Jihad, Wonder Womyn, PETAMan, and Major Multiculture.

In the premiere issue, they went to California to battle a supervillain team named "The Proposal 8".

Héctor said...

Maybe because democrat presidents tend to be Spidey fans, and also very popular. If a popular president appears in a comic, it's definitely going to sell out pretty quickly. More than being agenda-driven, I think that the Spidey comics are just taking advantage of the Obamania...

That and the fact that Obama is really geek (he gave the "Live well and prosper" sign to Leonard Nimmoy, after all) and collects Spiderman comics...