Sunday, January 11, 2009

Thank You!


A big thank you to Peter Brookes, a Heritage Foundation senior fellow, for writing this piece which I believe needed to be written.

And a big thank you to President Bush for working under conditions that would've crushed a lesser man.


Chuck said...

Cube, it will take years for any of his successes to be viewed positively. My suspicion is that Obama is going to make him look good.

cube said...

Yeah, I agree. I think it will take years for it to sink in, but already people are seeing that much of the "evils" of the Bush administration were figments of an agenda-driven media, much as the "wonders" of BO.

Bush is a decent man who didn't deserve the shoddy treatment he received at the hands of the democrats and the MSM.

One day the world will see that.

Jay said...

Bush was able to do what he did BECAUSE of the democrats and the MSM.

Objectively speaking....I think his presidency will be remembered as a wasted opportunity. He was thrust into a historic position at a critical time and could have gone down as one of the great ones. Like Nixon, he will only be remembered for his blunders and his successes will be credited to those who follow.

such is the way history is often written

Brooke said...

I agree with Chuck.

Although Bush has been a nightmare on border issues, he has done a tremendous job against terrorists.

RightKlik said...

Thanks for sharing the article. In a perfect world, Bush would have been more conservative. But this isn't a perfect world, and I think Bush has done as good a job with this fickle and impatient country as anyone could have done. Thank God for W.

nanc said...

the left will never give him credit where credit is due. take this for instance - do you think the tree huggers and greenies will come out and praise him?

let u.s. give this next guy all the respect the left gave bush in spades.

nanc said...


that last line doesn't sound apologies - you know what i mean.

cube said...

Jay: Were some opportunities wasted? Yes, but in the big picture, I think he got the big ones done as right as possible despite a thoroughly hostile press.

From the second he took office, he was cut off at the knees by the deranged left. He took their ruthless insults with class and just did his job without complaint.

He exhibited some real spunk during his final press conference. Too bad he didn't do it sooner. A wasted opportunity? Yeah, I'll give you that one.

Papa Frank said...

My affection for Bush is tied to his doing what he thought was right without ANY regard for being popular. My disappointment is in him allowing the Republicans to spend money like drunks. I think history will indeed show him to be of strong courage and show a free Iraq to have been a monumental accomplishment.

cube said...

Brooke: I'm not in agreement with Bush's immigration views either, but gosh darnit, he kept us safe from the terrorists.

He connected the dots, despite a whole lot of crap from the left insisting on how dare he infringe on the civil liberties on those that he chose to connect the dots towards. Guess what, those anti-American terrorist SOB's never once hit our country again.

Let's pray that BO has the brains to coordinate the same set of circumstances for the USA.

Cause it is all about the USA. You do know that BO?