Friday, June 26, 2009

Cat Blog Friday

For this Cat Blog Friday...

... my tortie cat, Kinky, who is not deviant, but has a profound kink in her tail.

Happy Friday, everybody!


Ananda girl said...

I love that face. Her eyes are so intense. She looks happy to be photographed. Puck hates it.

Z said...

So pretty!
My Musetta had a kink about an inch from the end, which was WHITE on her otherwise dark tortoise tail...a sharp angle where cartilage was broken or something. I always wondered how long it would take to atrophy and drop off.
She lived 20 years with her whole tail! God bless her!
Hug your kitty...Oh, do I miss my two.

cube said...

Ananda Girl: I think Kink looked like that because she was staring at me. This cat loves me. I endure much teasing from my family about me being "Her Beloved", but I think secretly they are all jealous of her cat-love for me.

When she sees me first thing in the morning, she runs over and puts her front paws on my legs to be picked up. We call this an 'upa-kitty' (pronounced oopa). And if I don't pick her up, she will jump up on her own. Much hilarity has ensued from these unexpected leaps.

She has a dog-like devotion to me that is very uncat-like.

My daughter has suggested that I should write a book about my adventures with Kinky along the lines of the "Me & Marley" book.

I think I should write a book about my crazy life thanks to my pets AND my family ;-)

nanc said...

mewna lisa the tortie clipped bert the nancpop companion on the eyelid and now we're having to treat him with antibiotics - no treats for her for a week or so!

>^00^< raerrrrrrrrfffffft!

cube said...

Z: I find it curious that your tortie also had a kink in her tail. I wonder if that's coincidence or a result of the weird genetics of tortoise shell cats?

You had 20 years with your cat? You were blessed.

cube said...

nanc: Bad kitty! But I'm sure there's more than one side to this story. What was Bert doing when she clipped him?

Ananda girl said...

cube, you write that book! I am ready to read it. Kinky is wonderful. You can see that devotion in her face. Such a sweetie!