Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Cheating ChiComs

China Airs Fears On US Debt, Dollar: Lawmaker

Oh, really.

This coming from a country with a record of cheating, lying, greed, corruption, abuse of personal freedom, and dishonor at almost every conceivable level of government.

I haven't forgotten about the Beijing Olympics or their clamp downs during the recent Tiananmen Square anniversary, but more recently my attention is drawn to the corruption surrounding the shoddy building codes of schools, hospitals, and factories, which collapsed like a house of cards during the Sichuan earthquake of May 2008.

After the Tangshan earthquake in 1976, which killed over 240,000 people, the ChiCom government went through the motions about requiring new building codes that would withstand major quakes.

No one calls them out on the fact that these new building codes aren't being followed otherwise you wouldn't have lost 69,122 people in the Sichuan earthquake of May 2008. In fact, the ChiCom government just recently came out with its official tally of students who died in the quake -- 5,335. It's an inconceivable number of children.

A reality check is sorely needed when the socialist/communists of the world have the gall to infer that greed and corruption are bastions of the capitalist countries.

The US needs to get its economic house in order because a world in which these godless thugs are in control is a world that all beings on this planet should fear.


nanc said...


and that's all i'm going to say until the next time i say something.

cube said...

lol. Your comment beat my post!!!!

Sorry, I don't speak ChiCom. Would you translate or is it gobbledy-gook?

jan said...

I loved the appearance by Madelyn Albright on TV being all indignant that the ChiComs "misled" them about how they were going to use nuclear energy. What a shock, dear.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Cube - What does it tell us when the communists think that we are straying from economics 101? This is scary stuff. Did you read my post yesterday? Link me up here if you like it!


Ananda girl said...


Jill said...

Very good thoughts! We really need to be prepared cause we don't have the luxury of sitting and doing nothing.

Brooke said...

Amen, Cube!

nanc said...

i believe it says, "learn chinese NOW!" nancson is and i'm seeing it all over the house. language geek.

cube said...

jan: I'm not surprised by Madelyn 'not-so' Bright's misunderstanding either. What a surprise, eh?

LeftCoastRebel: It's pretty scary stuff allright.

Ananda Girl: Ditto.

Jill: Absolutely. We need to stop spending so much money and we need to do it now.

Brooke: Ditto.

nanc: I didn't have a problem with our kids learning Chinese. God knows someone is going to have to deal with them in the future & they might as well get a leg up on the language & the culture. In fact, I wanted my kids to take it at their elementary school as an after school class, but they didn't want to.

DaBlade said...

Chinese students laughed at Geithner's economic assurances. LAUGHED! I miss the days when the world's students respected us and didn't mock us. Respect around the socialist communist world was the main reason libs gave for voting him in...

cube said...

DaBlade: I'm not one to take any advice from socialist/communist countries because they're not our friends. They give us the same kind of advice that the democrats give us... um, bad advice.

We're going to get crap from our adversarial press no matter what, so we might as well do whatever helps our side and the hell with what they think.

Get a pair of gonads, people. And yes that includes ovaries in the deal.

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