Friday, June 19, 2009

Killer Lightning

I had lightning on the brain thanks to an amazing photo of a strike on crazy4coen's post on her blog, Raising Sunny

... and then I ran across this in my local paper today:

Lightning Bolt Kills 15 Huddled Cattle In Lithia, Florida

It is a belittlingly apt reminder of the awesome power of nature.


Ananda girl said...

Oh my gosh! I thought it was clumps of snow at first... but it was cows!

The still look pretty rare.

Jen said...

Now I've got this stuck in my head:

cube said...

Ananda Girl: It was a sad sight on the front page of my paper this morning. I wondered why they didn't just use them for meat, but then I thought about the effects of the lightning. Not exactly a cut of meat I'd like to put on my grill tomorrow. RIP Elsie.

Jen: Now you've got me thinking of the Electric Company with Morgan Freeman as Easy Reader & Rita Moreno, et al, ... see what you've started ;-)

Brooke said...


Hey, does something smell good? ;)

Chuck said...

Just a reminder that we are puny in comparison to the earth.

As far as the meat, elctrical shock actually singes the flesh it travels through.

dmarks said...

The last time I was in Florida, I drove from Orlando to the Terror Coast (you know, the area where the 9/11 pilots trained and they had the Anthrax scare stuff going on). The whole time it was a cloudburst and lightning every few seconds. I'd never seen anything light that before or since. A lot of lightning in Florida.

crazy4coens said...

First of all - thanks for the mention :)

Second of all - WOW! Why doesn't that happen to people? (I guess we don't huddle around next to each other, exposed in fields, in lightning storms.)

Thirdly - WOW!