Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Pool Is Open

OK, the globe may be warming, but for the second year in a row, June marked the second time our pool hit the 80 degree mark. That's rather late in the season for Florida.

Anyway, my family has been swimming in our unheated pool for weeks now, but I'm a tropical flower and cold water isn't for me. So I've held out until now...

This weekend I will swim.


Ananda girl said...

I like your sign. I will forever think of them as "ools" now. Hahaha

I'm not a fan of cold water either, but it's all I have up here except for the shower. :(

Hey, I went back and added a couple of links for you with Flogging Molly.
Hope you enjoy them. They are the soundtrack to all my pirate fantasies. ha

Ananda girl said...

Wow, your verification word is
"goxoment". Do you suppose that's the kind of government we now have?

jan said...

We go to Lake Tahoe in the summers and the lake temperature is sooo cold that I have never gotten more than my feet wet. Glad there is another hot house flower.

Chuck said...

You should try Lake Superior, I tried wading in it one year (middle of summer) and it hurt my toes.

I'm with you though, if the waters cold everyone else can go in, I'll wait for them on the beach.

Z said...

Cold Water?
the question is always "do I inch myself in or just one big DIVE?"

My answer's almost always NEITHER!
great sign, Cube!

Jamie Dawn said...

Enjoy your pool (without the P).


We went to a local park yesterday that has a creek running alongside the picnic area. We had lunch, then dunked in the creek. How refreshing!! I'd love to have a pool someday, but until then, creek dipping will have to do.

Gifted Typist said...

funny how cold the water seems is relative to how hot the air around it

Gifted Typist said...

it's also relative to how far north you live and if you have a swimming pool - my pool is the North Atlantic Ocean

dmarks said...

It also goes the other way:

"Welcome to our ___L. There's no POO in it. Let's keep it that way."

cube said...

Ananda Girl: Yeah, I loved the sign when I first saw it & knew it was right for our pool.

I have yet to check on Floggin Molly. I wonder if she is the flogger or the floggee. Arggh, I love me the old-fashioned pirate mythology too (not the nasty Somali terrorists)

lol RE: goxoment. That's as good a word as any for the chaos that's going on in Washington.

Jan: Hot house flower. That's me!

Chuck: I can only imagine having never set tentative toe in Lake Superior. I have experienced water too cold for me in Cape Cod in summer. Yikes! I refer to Mr. Cube as a polar bear because he wa born & raised in New Hampshire. He can take it, but I sit out until the water is warm.

cube said...

Z: Yeah, the whole just jump in argument doesn't *ahem* hold water. Sometimes it's just too cold for a person.

Glad you liked our sign.

Jamie Dawn: You're in Arkansas. Yikes, that creek sounds cold to me.

Gifted Typist: It is very relative. Your North Atlantic is probably way chillier than my pool. Of course have you taken into account the cold water chicken factor ;-)

dmarks: lol! Very clever.

Of course, no Babe Ruth bars are allowed anywhere near the pool as well ;-)