Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Cat Killings

Cats in South Florida are on high alert...

Sadistic Cat Killer Strikes Again

I first heard about these horrid cat mutilation/killings in late May and now the body count is up to 26.

What a sick, twisted psycho. I hope he gets caught before he graduates to torturing people.


What a world.


jan said...

I think they need to increase the reward. This person is not going to stop with mutilating cats.

cube said...

I wonder just how much police work is being devoted to solving this case when Miami has so much other crime to solve.

Z said...

can't read the article, just can't bring myself to.........but HOW AWFUL.
and yes, how much money's there to help solve cat murders? What a sicko.

Thanks for coming by, Cube...I'm glad you enjoyed the 2 pieces and hope Mr Cube does, too. Tell him PAREV!

Ananda girl said...

Oh I am so sorry. How sick. I hope that someone sees him and catches him red handed. He needs to be taken out of society quickly.
So sad.

CrazyBunnyLady said...

I really didn't need to know that.

cube said...

Z: Can't blame you for not wanting to read the details. Violence towards small animals belies a very ugly rage underneath & not a pretty sight.

No need to thank me. It was a pleasure to read both articles at your place.

Ananda Girl: I hope they catch that psycho soon. Prison would be too good for him, but at the very least I would hope they put him in the cat lovers wing.

CrazyBunnyLady: Sorry. I'm not happy with the news either, especially since it comes from my beloved Florida.

sue said...

cube - That is so sad - and sick that someone would do that. I hope they catch him (them) soon.

And how about something more cheerful tomorrow!

Brooke said...

Indeed, this psycho will not stop with felines. He WILL escalate.

I'm in the camp of keeping pets indoors, anyway... But this is inexcusable, sick, depraved... The perp needs a bit of .45 therapy, IMO.

Chuck said...

Torturing animals is a massive warning sign. A lot of psychos got their start on animals.

I think your cat needs to stay in disguise for now.

DaBlade said...

I will say that this cat looks like he can handle himself, with that penetrating green-eyed staredown, designer Oakleys and a soul patch that says "I am not to be trifled with".

Gifted Typist said...

protecting myself from the details as my overburdened mind doesn't need the imagery right now but ugh!

Voracious Reader said...


Ever want to see one of the grossest levels of human depravity possible...check here at http://www.pet-abuse.com/. I have this bookmarked because of my job.

Sadly, whenever it comes up through work, I thank God that we have indoor pets. Isn't that horrible.

Jamie Dawn said...

Hell for that killer will most likely involve rabid cats with very long, sharp teeth and claws.