Tuesday, September 05, 2006

An American In Iran

From The Washington Post comes A Different Face of Iran a special report by Stephen Knipp, who spent 2 weeks there and found many pro-American Iranians.

Knipp makes some interesting points, especially about the women who were not afraid to voice their opinions.

Look at the geography. Once the governments of neighboring Iraq and Afghanistan are stabilized and free, how much more will the Iranians chafe under their oppressive mullah-controlled government? This motivation could provide the tipping point in Iran.


The Phoenix said...

You'll never hear about this side of the story in the media. Knipp did a great job.

Jamie Dawn said...

Many Americans don't see the big picture at all, and the MSM does its best to muddy the waters.
Our goals in Iraq and Afghanistan are worthy of the valiant fight our brave soldiers are fightingt, and a successful outcome will have HUGELY great consequences in the Middle East, including Iran.
I wish more people would recognize that.

cube said...

The MSM is failing our country.

Brooke said...

Let's hope so, Cube! Most Americans lack the simple Geography knowledge that makes this apparent. I think our government's plan is to squeeze Iran until it pops... And one of the big reasons for being in Iraq is to take out Ahmadinejad if he gets a little too big for his britches.

cube said...

I don't know why Americans aren't #1 in education. That bothers me.

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