Friday, September 08, 2006

Cat Blog Friday

For this Cat Blog Friday...

... modest cats lying by the pool.

Happy Friay, everybody!


nanc said...

ODL - ten-t*tty kitties!

double-pkak attackakak!

nanc said...

oops! i should have put my spectacles on first - there's only eight!

Kathy said...

Cute kitties cubey.. HOW DO they get them to pose like that.?

Ahh Nanc, on cue as usual. You know I kinda look forward to your Friday pkak attacks. They've sort of become a cat Friday institution mate.

cube said...

kathy: oh yes, and this week we were treated to a double pkak-attack!

nanc said...

what are the chances they tied the bikini top strings to the lawn chairs to get them to lie still and they fought with all their kitty might until they succumbed to slumber after about four hours of that and the photographer finally got the perfect shot? oh, if the peta people get ahold of this - watch out!

you are an accessory, cube - and nanc is outta here - zip - tang!

Poppy D. Cat said...

Hoootchie-Mama! (x2!!) Ms Cube, is there any chance you might share with me the phone number of these delightful little kitties?? Meeeeyooowwwza!

Jamie Dawn said...

Those kitties are enjoying their Fry-day. :)

Haven't they ever heard of melanoma? I hope they slathered on some sunscreen with high SPF.

cube said...

nanc: I have no idea. As Sgt. Schultz would say, "I know nothing!"

poppy: LOL! Sorry, but I don't these particular kitties.

j.d.: these cats act like they've got 9 lives ;-)

Always On Watch said...

I can just see MY cats letting me outfit them like that. Not!

My girls are feisty (That's the polite word).

Brooke said...

My boy cat lays in the kitchen doorway like that, sans bikini, of course, and will not budge as we all step over him.

I think he does that kind of thing when he's bored; living dangerously, you know! ;)

cube said...

Our females are feisty too, but we used to have a male Maine Coon who would allow just about anything... OK, just short of a bikini.

He was one of the sweetest, most gentle cats I've ever known.

Stay tuned, and I will soon post a photo of Tribby lying on his back allowing us to rub his belly, something mostly unknown in the annals of cats.

Just another example of how cats are just as different individually as dogs or even humans.

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