Friday, September 15, 2006

Danger! Spinach

Popeye's mother says, "I never thought I'd hear meself say this, but don't you eat your spinach!"

U.S. E. coli outbreak linked to fresh spinach.

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nanc said...

the question is "where was the spinach grown"? much of our produce in the u.s. comes from mexico - they fertilize with human excrement in some places - careful where your produce comes from and no matter what - wash it first!

and hey, where'd you get that picture of my mom?

cube said...

Yep, always wash the produce, no matter where it comes from, but especially Mexico.

BTW I hope your mom never reads this blog or you're in trouble.

WomanHonorThyself said...

spinach? Cube..I couldnt comment on the first post bout CA-IR?...are they banning that?

cube said...

woman: LOL! I didn't think moslems read my blog. Let me try to post something.

Kathy said...

Think your mom should give up smokin' Nanc. It's bad for your health. Not to mention all the wrinkles you end up with!

Brooke said...

Hmm... E Coli generaly comes from human feces...

Do the math.

No salad... This is the happiest day of the hubby's life!

cube said...

I love salads. In fact, I went to Sweet Tomatos on Tuesday and had fresh spinach! So far, I feel fine. Time will tell.

cube said...

woman: there is no vast moslem conspiracy to prevent you from posting on the CAIR post ;-)

I think it was Blogger related.

Jamie Dawn said...

YIKES! Get that poor woman some teeth!!

My kids can now argue that eating the salads I fix can actually KILL them! Darn it!!

cube said...

j.d.: don't you be talking trash about Popeye's mom or he's going to come looking for you.

I know Popeye has a safe spinach stash somewhere.

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