Thursday, September 28, 2006

Porky's Friends

A January 2003 Weekly Standard article entitled Horror in Venezuela: Jesus Soriano and the price of dissent in Hugo Chavez's Venezuela by Thor L. Halvorssen puts the recent comments by the Caracas Crackpot in an even more ridiculous light.

Where do Chavez's liberal friends stand on the Venezuelan government's prosecution of dissenters, not to mention terrorists?

Well, 168 members of the House of Representatives voted against the President's terrorist prosecution bill.

I guess we know where they stand too...


nanc said...

their lips aren't moving - hmmmm...i wonder if ahmadinejad is on their lap with their hands...well you know where?

WomanHonorThyself said...

Hiya what a lovely couple they make..why doesnt she move There!

The Phoenix said...

Chavez is a joke. He really is. He's made such an ass of himself.

Jamie Dawn said...

When he spoke before the UN, it was as if he was doing a comedy routine on a late night talk show.
What a clown.

cube said...

He is an assclown, but unfortunately he also has a lot of money and, hence, a lot of power.

Brooke said...

The worst part is, he got up in front of the UN in OUR country, and said things that would have gotten someone in his own country murdered by the gov't, had they tried to say it about him!


Jill said...

Quite a gruesome twosome, aren't they? Politics does make strange bedfellows. What is worse it that,nobody cares enough to take a stand except them. What are we waiting for?

cube said...

brooke: Absolutely. It was a disgusting spectacle, but then the UN has a history of those. I liked Bolton's comment about how we allow free speech here but it's too bad Chavez doesn't allow it in Venezuela.

jill: I hope people write their politicians. It does make a difference. And, I do what I can on my tiny blog.

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