Friday, September 15, 2006

Oriana Fallaci 1930-2006

I couldn't let this pass without a mention. Sadly, Italian journalist, writer and former war correspondent, Oriana Fallaci has died.

I posted about her in May here and urged everyone to learn more about this wonderful woman's life and career.

She will be missed.


WomanHonorThyself said...

OMG..I hadnt even heard...I must find out the details..sigh.Thank you Cube. :(

nanc said...

woman, you can go here and link to a reuter's article:

horowitz did a nice tribute to her and i'd guess there is a very special one coming as he is a great admirer of hers.

Raggedy said...

We are loosing some great people lately.
What an awsome woman!
Thank you for letting me know about her..
Ann Richards will be missed as well.

Always On Watch said...

I miss Oriana already! She recognized the sons of Allah as the enemy.

American Crusader said...

Obviously a hot topic today. A very brave woman...actually a very brave person who stood up for what she believed. No one will ever be able to say that she didn't speak from her heart and that she was ever compromised.

Brooke said...

I hope she recieves the tribute she deserves!

cube said...

We need more people like her on our side. And I think her passing deserves more than just a crawler notice on the news.

A celebration of her life would be a news story I'd like to see. But the truth is, most Americans have never even heard of this woman, much less care that she passed.

This is one more way the MSM does our country disservice. By leaving out a courageous story that should be trumpeted especially during these terror-filled times.

Minka said...

Wow, i heard her name mentioned in teh news, I had no idea...

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