Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Big Fat Fomentor

Anjem Choudary, the bloviating loud mouth who has called for the execution of the Pope has a long history of fomenting unrest , including organizing protests in Denmark over the Mohammed cartoons, and supporting the London 7/7 bombings.

It now comes out that he also happens to have a decidedly unholy past , which, in typical hypocrite fashion, he denies, but which his friends have exposed.

For the life of me, I can't understand how British tax dollars go to support this filth, his wife and family, while he is free to foment hatred full-time.

I don't get it.


SeniorGato said...

You know what. Mabee not all Muslims are like this, but damnit, the ones that aren't need to take care of the ones that are. (I don't mean kill em) :P

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm fed up with so much that's happening. I haven't written it yet, but one of these days I plan to write a post entitled Fed Up!
Enough is enough with these radicals who go biserk constantly. Islam is being represented by these crazies, and if that is truly not the face of Islam, then the true face needs to rise up and show itself. If I was a Muslim, I'd be outraged and embarrassed, and I'd be making it known that I did NOT support this radical Islamic lunacy.

WomanHonorThyself said...

i agree Cube..even the Pres was all apologetic today..hurl!

Raggedy said...

I agree with Jamie...

cube said...

I agree with you j.d., but think about the moslems who are afraid to speak up because of the fanatical, extremist, islamofascists crying out for their blood, if they do.

Think of the fatwas that have been ordered for next to nothing.

Seems to me that the extremists need nothing short of killing.

And as far as your Fed Up post goes, I hope you add a section about how awfully tired we are of our own people taking sides with the extremists. That is an outrage.

We're not even French!!!

cube said...

woman: I heard the President's speech and I thought it was respectful, but not all that apologetic.

At one point, he spoke directly to the Iranian people & told them that regardless of what their own government told them, that we respected their country and wanted them to live in freedom.

I translate this to mean... dump your primate-intensive leaders and live free.

BTW I think the UN has become a joke; the 21st century equivalent of the League of Nations. I'm even thinking we should pull our
funding & withdraw. But that's another post for another day.

nanc said...

i have come to smear the message of mohammed - where do i start?

cube said...

nanc: take a number and get in line ;-)

Brooke said...

What a good Muslim. PUKE!

cube said...

Having a law degree and being on welfare is bad enough, but to have the unmitigated gall to foment against the very country that is supporting you and your family is more than I can stomach.

He should have his butt kicked all the way out of Britain, or better yet, into the nearest jail cell.