Monday, September 25, 2006

The Wrath Of Bubba

If you missed Chris Wallace encountering the wrath of Bubba, you can see it here .

At RealClearPolitics, Ronald A. Cass makes some choice comments about Bubba's "bevy of startlingly anti-factual remarks" in Bill Clinton: Play It as It Lies , with lies being the operative word.

Lies. Lies. And more lies.

What did you expect? Bubba's lips were moving.


nanc said...

here's the transcript:,3566,215397,00.html

it's easier to take without tums.

cube said...

And his long bony finger was wagging.

Rush can't even get through 5 words of the transcript without stopping to correct another lie.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Its unreal..he denies 8 years worth of mistakes and hurls what else is new in Clintonville huh?

cube said...

If you weren't already committed to keeping the PIAPS out of the White House, this should seal it for you.

4 more years of lies is more than the country can stand.

eyesallaround said...

Maybe he behaved that way hoping Hillary would get some sympathy points... Can you imagine being married to this loose canon?

Brooke said...

OK, this is probably a "duh" moment, but...

What is a PIAPS?

I think Wallace should've MACED Clinton when that philandering obfuscator poked at him!

nanc said...

i'd have surely dotted his eye.

cube said...

eyes: some think it will help Hillary, but I think it will hurt her chances. These political "devils" deserve no sympathy.

brooke: the PIAPS = the pig in a pant suit = Hillary.

wallace is a very mild-mannered man & much smaller than bubba, the big bully.

nanc: yeah, I would love to pop him one & then tell him, "Juanita Broderick says to put some ice on that." Let's see how he likes to be on the other side of an attack!

Caz said...

The "pig in a pant suit"?!

OMG - now that's funny.

Jamie Dawn said...

I watched the interview.
Clinton has no class.
He invaded Wallace's space like a playground bully.
Clinton was as emphatic about this as he was about not having "sex with that..woman!"

cube said...

Wasn't it Dick Morris who said about Bubba that the more emphatically he denied something, the bigger the lie he was telling?