Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

To all the moms, grandmoms, and moms-to-be... may your Mother's Day be filled with love.


Kathy said...

And a Happy mothers day to you too Cube!

Is that a little squirrel I see tucked in amongst the pups?

Awwwww!! So cute!!

cube said...

Thank you, yhtak.

You have a good eye. Can't get anything past you :-)

The mama dog has plenty of love to give.

birdwoman said...

I was gonna ask if mama was weaning the pups and giving them an aperetif of squirrel?

happy mom's day to you, too.


nanc said...

happy mother's day, cube!


cube said...

I'm not one to go out to eat on Mother's Day... here is one good reason why you should stay home

Jen said...

What a beautiful picture!

Happy Mother's Day to you, Cube!

Shover Robot said...

Happy Mothers Day to All too!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Mothers Day to you too cube!!

BeckEye said...

Happy Mother's Day, bitch. (That was for the dog.)


MCF said...

Cube's a mom! Happy Mother's Day, Cube!

The Merry Widow said...

Cube-Hope your day was wonderful yesterday, inspite of the smoke.
BTW-your link is only good for subscribers. So, why is eating out on Mother's Day so bad? Not that we did.
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


cube said...

beckeye: :-p

tmw: I thought the link worked for everyone. Sorry. The author's point is that you are no better than a herd of cattle or sheep if you go to brunch on Mother's Day because of the crowds. You'll end up waiting hours to eat. Which is why we stayed home.

cube said...

I had a quiet and uneventful Mother's Day with my family, which is just what I wanted :-)

Jamie Dawn said...

Mine was quiet and uneventful too.
I enjoyed every relaxing moment of it.
Oh, I lied. We went on a walk, and when we got home, there was a HUGE snake wrapped around a tree in front of our house. It was hitonious!
It is now dead.

cube said...

j.d.: Thanks for sharing. I lied too. My Mother's Day wasn't so uneventful either. While my family swam in the pool, our eldest dog, Dax, did a protest poop on the deck & it fell upon me to clean it up. Like your snakes, my dogs just don't respect Mother's Day the way that they should.

Maybe Mother's Week will catch on...

Brooke said...


Have a happy Mother's day week!

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