Monday, May 07, 2007

Ty DUI is rapidly becoming the nightmare website of every wayward celebrity.

Now it's news of Ty Pennington, formerly one of the carpenters on "Trading Spaces" and recently the host of ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"

Reality Show Host Ty Pennington Arrested For DUI

Don't these celebrities have enough money to spring for a cab?


David Amulet said...

I wonder if the percentage of celebrities getting DUIs is any higher or lower than the general population. Of course, they get the attention ... but off the top of my head I'm sure I can think of a several hundred celebrities who have NOT been pulled over for DUI.

Who is this guy, anyway? Maybe I should watch more TV so I can keep up with these C-List people.

-- david

Shover Robot said...

Doesn't Surprise me another one of these rich people with DUI's wasting thier money must be nice to have it just to waste it.

Jen said...

You'd think Paris Hilton could afford a cab or a driver or something, too.

Man, this is a long week. I can't wait for Cat Blog Friday!

Brooke said...

Man. And I thought his am radio clips were kind of funny.

I guess we can move him into the "confirmed moron" catagory.

cube said...

d.a.: You haven't missed much. Ty's foray into showbiz started as a carpenter on "Trading Spaces". He went on to host yet another extreme decorating show & do Bayer commercials. Not exactly stellar stuff.

cube said...

shover: If I had money to waste I wouldn't waste it. I've got a thrifty nature ;-)

jen: It's only Tuesday, for Pete's sake. Sounds like you need a vacation.

brooke: Never heard the radio stuff, but he was in that category dating back to his days on Trading Spaces.

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