Saturday, May 05, 2007

Murder Most Foul

You'd think it was the plot of a cheesy movie of the week on TV, but it's for real.

John James (J.J.) Paulsen , a writer and producer on "Cosby," "In Living Color" and other shows, has been held in jail since his wife's decomposing body was discovered April 18 in the couple's upscale home in Carmel, Indiana.

Crime buffs can read further ... The Horrible Fall of J.J. Paulsen

and New Details Emerge In Carmel Murder Case

All in all, it's pretty gruesome.


nanc said...

i used to love to sneak-read my dad's "true detective" mags when i was a child - this is one right out of them!

you just really never know - battered wife syndrome is such a monster - when i worked as a secretary in domestic violence at a district attorney's office, we'd see many women murdered and broken children having been witnesses - thing is, it ALL could have been stopped the very first time the spouse lifted a hand.

The Merry Widow said...

Maintaining the boundaries of respect are very important in any relationship. Mutual respect, trust, security are air, water and food! Communication is vital. But when you have an abuser, they will break ALL bounds to control and fill their impotent little selves with "power". It takes a real human being to have a healthy relationship, this "man" was not!


cube said...

nanc: I liked reading those myself. I've always been a crime buff.

tmw: You are so right.

Paulsen wrote the lines for many TV shows, including the very successful Cosby show, yet he could couldn't keep his private life in order.

This is a cautionary tale that should teach us what a sham TV is & how sorry the people who model their lives around it can be.

TV is just entertainment, not a map to how to live your life.

Shover Robot said...

thats pretty darn scary!

Anonymous said...

Lord have mercy!

Jamie Dawn said...


WomanHonorThyself said...

TMW is revolting!

Jen said...

Wow, that'

birdwoman said...

once again, EWWWW.


Brooke said...

Gads! It's horrific enough that he beat her to death, but to leave the woman's baby screaming in a crib with it's mother's dead body rotting away upstairs, no less!

I hope he gets what he deserves.

cube said...

Truth is often stranger than fiction.

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