Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Water Tiger

The BIG Cat Who Likes Getting Wet And Wild

Odin, a large male white Bengal tiger, lives at the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Zoo near San Francisco. He is about 10ft long from nose to tail, and is an excellent swimmer.

How cool is that?


nanc said...

>^00^< raaaaaerrrrrrrrffffft!

cube said...

It would be a frightful sight to see a tiger coming at you underwater. Yikes!

Yanks4Life23519 said...

I saw this on Regis and Kelly this morning...the tiger's face is creepy! haha

The Merry Widow said...

You try keeping water from going up your kitty nose! He has to squinch to close his nostrils, though it does make him look really grouchy!


Anonymous said...

Mercy. "ahhaaaahhh" \o/ Get out of the water!!

DarkClyde said...

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