Thursday, July 24, 2008

Military Votes

From comes this infuriating article by Bob Novak:

The Soldier Voting Scandal

Read it and weep for the soldiers who can die for their country, but despite the technological advances of our time, are still not able to consistently vote in their country's elections.


Is the MSM too busy over-covering Obama's first (and hopefully, last) foreign policy
trip to spend a few minutes on this story?

You bet.


EDGE said...

Don't worry Cube, Obama will fix it!

cube said...

Obama can't even fit his tie without help. Sheesh.

Jill said...

It is a sad comment on us.

Brooke said...

This should be every bit as scandalous as when we found out about the conditions at Walter Reed. Perhaps even worse!

Chuck said...

Why don't you think the MSM won't cover this, who do you think the service members vote for? They vote Republican, does anyone here think the MSM is going to help the Repubs? This is why the Dims in Congress aren't all over it. It's inconceiveable that anyone in America would try to suppress the Military vote but I have suspected this as far back as 2000. If everyone remembers, there was an attempt by the Dims to halt counting these votes. This is something that was lost in the whole "the Republicans stole the election form Gore" nonsense.

cube said...

chuck: I remember the election of 2000 & the attempt to keep the military ballots from being counted. I'm shocked that the situation hasn't been remedied.