Thursday, July 03, 2008


Singer Opts For 'Black National Anthem' Over 'Star-Spangled Banner'

This incident in Denver is just the beginning. The liberal left will run rampant over every institution we Americans hold dear if they are allowed to run all three branches of the government.

One more reason to say NO to Obama in November.

I'm thinking of printing up bumperstickers that read:

Just say NObama!


Papa Frank said...

You could make some $$$ for gas if you made those stickers. Sign me up for three.

nanc said...

they've got them here!

other countries must be laughing their arses off with our choices for potus this year - i know i'm wondering how it got this bad.

nanc said...

check this one out!

i don't know when i first heard that slogan or if i made it up...

Brooke said...

That woman is a complete narcissist ass.

Where is Marian Anderson when we need her?

cube said...

papa frank: It's the story of my life... I came up with it a tad too late.

nanc: Don't believe what you read in the media. I believe the countries of the world must be shivering in their boots over the upcoming election. The possibility of a democrat presidency in the US must be a scary thing indeed for the world at large. That's why the stock market is losing ground.

cube said...

brooke: Thank you for that. It was wonderful. Too bad Nobama and his angry wife accepted the loony Rev. Wright's black liberation theology instead of Anderson's patriotic love of her country. It's a deal killer for me. I can only hope the rest of the country agrees.

nanc said...



Shover Robot said...

NoBama is right!

We Can't afford Obama to win in November!

cube said...

nanc: Happy Fourth to you!

Darn it, now I've got that song in my head...

... exchanging glances... la de la de lah...

cube said...

shover: Nobama no way!

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