Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tony Snow 1955-2008

Former Bush Spokesman Tony Snow Dies Of Cancer

Much too young to die.

RIP, Mr. Nieves.


Anonymous said...


As you know I had a deep and abiding respect for Tony Snow though I never met the man.

I respected his earnestness and was releived beyond words when W appointed him as press secretary.

What a wasted opportunity when W placed the emptiest of suits, Scott McClellan as Press Sec. after Ari Fleischer's departure. The damage done by that mealy mouthed swine is incalculable and yet it is Bush's fault for hiring and then keeping his worthless ass.

So I was greatly relieved when the fat traitor was replaced by Tony Snow.

Such a shame that he wasn't there three years earlier as the singular flaw in Bush's admin. has been ineffectively combatting the B.S. created by the MSM.

As he has been unable or unwilling to counter attack even the most scurrilous attacks it was crucial that the people tasked with aticulating and defending the President's policies be pulling on the same end of the rope.

Tony Snow exceeded all expectations. His loss to his family and friends is profound and to President Bush, perhaps nearly so: He had no better friend or advocate than Antonio Nieves.

Rest in peace Mr. Snow, you will be missed.


cube said...

QQ: What a touching tribute.

I was also glad when President Bush appointed him Press Secy.

McClellan was wholly unsuited to the task of public speaking in front of a gathering of developmentally-challenged elementary school students, much less in front of the press.

According to Ari Fleischer, McClellan was a good assistant. I don't think he should've been promoted when Ari left, and certainly shouldn't have been allowed to stay on the job when it became clear that he couldn't handle it. The Bushes can be loyal to a fault.

Shover Robot said...

What a shame :(

nanc said...

i loved him also, cube. bush 1 and barbara were on fox this a.m. speaking of him and cared for him like family.

z has a wonderful tribute up for him.

Brooke said...

He was waaaay too young!

cube said...

shover: It is a shame when the good die young and the a$$clowns live on to take a dump on an innocent person.

nanc: I did check out Z's tribute. Very nice.

brooke: I know it. He had so much more work he could've done.

EDGE said...

Man this sucks.

Jamie Dawn said...

What a terrible loss!
I was sad all weekend, and I am still feeling badly about our nation having lost this great man. I do believe he was a treasure. Faithful loyal family man - conservative, never harsh or mean - strong man of faith and handsome to boot!
My heart aches for his wife and kids. I know they are feeling this loss more than anyone. His kids will always admire their dad, and he deserves their admiration.

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