Thursday, July 10, 2008


I won't subject you to a Obama video, but World On The Web has a good treatment of Obama's globalist view on American's lack of bilingual skills:

Obama: Make Sure Your Child Can Speak Spanish

The fact that we Americans go to Europe speaking nothing but English is an embarassment to the worldy, Mr. Obama.

Well, I say keep showing your true colors, Obammy, because we Americans just love hearing how bad the USA is compared to the European Union. We love to be preached to by an effete, elite, socialist who harbors a hatred of true Americans.

Keep yapping.


Brooke said...

Obama is indeed his own worst enemy, but I have a feeling a certain voting block will ignore literally ANY offense to see him elected.

cube said...

brooke: Absolutely. It's just mind-boggling that they're giving this mediocrity a free pass.

jan said...

I wonder what happens when Obama starts defending or attacking Ebonics. He should take a stand, but he will probably take two stands like he does on everything.

cube said...

jan: good point. Maybe he'll be against it before he decides it's the primary language of America. I mean, it's only fair right. We've had English for so long.

Jamie Dawn said...

Adios, Obama.


cube said...

j.d.: hee hee. Clever girl!

Anonymous said...


Once again the communist, er, I mean, community organizer shows us his agenda. The last thing democrats would tolerate would be any sudden increase in intelligence among the populace. All these years of public schools churning out dumbass democrats is no accident.

The language americans need to learn after, or concurrent with, their learning English is... MATHEMATICS.

You won't hear Obama say this.

I'm not saying that all people with high math skill sets are republican, we all know dumbass republicans, but very few democrats are math majors!

The public schools produce a high percentage of under achievers in an effort toward assuring large numbers of democrat voters. That is because they graduate insufficiently prepared. Hence they are far more likely to be ill suited to higher levels of post secondary education or vocational training toward higher paying trades jobs.

Stressing math skills would improve high paying job prospects for Americans. Keeping them distracted and avoiding hard subjects is in the interest of Obama.

So, instead we must learn to mangle an additional language so we can help non english speaking Illegals vote multiple times; just like the illiterate natives!!!

That was what his organizing was comprised of btw.

Obama is the enemy,


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