Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Cautionary Tale

The Rise And Fall Of Frank Church: A Lesson For Conservatives

Now is no time to let down our guard.


Teresa said...

Excellent Post! Church was a scumbag. Unfortunately, now we have several scumbags. Well, now we have the internet to expose these corrupt individuals.

cube said...

Thank goodness for the internet. Remember when all we had was listening to Walter Cronkite for our news? Yikes. They were snowing us for decades.

Chuck said...

I think the internet is going to do significant damage to liberalism. Name one liberal tenet that has not been dealt a serious blow now that the truth about it has gotten out on the internet.

cube said...

Chuck: I can't name a single liberal tenet that hasn't been dealt a serious blow thanks to the internet.

Z said...

I just wrote about liberal journalist hypocrisy in comments on my video blog that's up now and am putting this article's link in the comments. Thanks, Cube..what a find. FJ had posted one for me which I just linked, too. Seems to be NO END to liberal politicians and hypocrisy AND THE MEDIA GOING ALONG WITH IT.

As for the internet...THANK GOODNESS FOR IT, you're so right. xxx

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