Friday, February 19, 2010

Could It Be True?

Could it be true that William Shatner has been chosen to play Justin Halpern's dad in the TV version of his popular Twitter account of Sh*t My Dad Says?

William Shatner To Star In “Sh*t My Dad Says” TV Pilot

Hey, I'm just happy the didn't pick Senator John McCain ;-)


Anonymous said...

I think the guy who played Frazier's dad would be perfect!

I remember him telling Frazier and his brother (can't remember his name but he was even less manly :D), "A couple of years in he Army would have done you boys a lot of good!"

Sadly, that could be aplied to much of the panty waisted, body wash using, lazer hair removing, fembot males flitting about the nation today.

Hopefully Shatner doesn't panzify it to caress the tender sensibilities of the modern puffed-up-democrat-wimp, like Biden or Obama: wouldn't want to be too coarse with the 21st century "Man"...

Not to mention all the Wimmin and Gays looking for the slightest provocation to "shrill out" over the effronteries provided by forthright speakers saying things like, "That dress doesn't make you look fat, your fatness makes you look fat..."

Be well Cube,


cube said...

He would be good too, a little more gruff-spoken than Shatner, but we don't know what Justin's dad even sounds like. Maybe we just think he sounds gruff.

I don't Shatner will pansify the part, however, I do wonder how funny it will be once the censors kill the profanity.

Then again, this may just be a hoax.

Anonymous said...