Monday, February 15, 2010

Sign Of The Times

'Impeach Obama' Billboard Along Hwy. 41 In Wisconsin

This one is irritating libs everywhere...

Heh heh.


Brooke said...


Teresa said...

I love irritating Libs!! Love the sign!

cube said...

Brooke: Yeah, it made me smile today. It's good to see BO getting something besides adolation from the masses.

Teresa: I agree. Irritating libs is an avocation for me. Too bad there's no pay in it or I'd be in heaven.

Debbie said...

Perhaps they will start popping up all across the country, like the Bush billboard "Miss me yet".

Right Truth


Always On Watch said...

Voter remorse -- big time.

May these signs pop up all over the country, as Debbie has suggested.

cube said...

Debbie: I posted about the President Bush billboards. It's been a good week for non-Obama voters.

AlwaysOnWatch: From your lips to God's ear.

Anonymous said...

the libbie blogs are really upset over this. they are frothing over it.


cube said...

Anonymous: I'm all for anything that gets the liberals frothing.

nanc said...

He's serious with all the money he's spending on this!

We have a guy here who was flying a plane over the Razorback games last fall with this logo on a banner:


It's working - so far we have eleven people running against her!