Friday, February 19, 2010

Not Again!

When I saw this photo on Drudge, I thought, "Oh no, Tiger's fallen off the wagon."

Then I read the article and it turns out this was his mother...

Tiger Says Sorry To The Universe

Seriously, I don't think Woods should be seen kissing anyone, or anything, not even a dog or cat for a long time.


Anonymous said...

to quote your previous cat post



Teresa said...

It was a good press conference. I hope continues on a straght path and continues the process of healing wounds.

Anonymous said...


I hope he develops an incurable hook, one that only worsens with every lesson and corrective step he takes, resulting in thrown clubs, tantrums, and the embarrassment of all the ass kissers who would previously have offered him their daughters so as to be near him.

Phil Nickleson will own Le Tigre from here on! I'm more of a Jim Furyk supporter myself; His integrity has been tempered and is not open to dispute.


Granny Annie said...

Let's see that same picture with his mother-in-law.

Dorie said...

I wish he hadn't gone the "damage control" PR strategy route. Just play golf, and keep the private life private works for me.

nanc said...

His apology was not enough to get nancpop to allow one of his Wii golf games into the house...well, unless I purchase one with my pin money, hide and play it only when he's not around...NAH! I'll just have to wait for an Ernie Els version.